Wizards of Oz

May 1-7 was the week of our show - the musical - "Wizards of Oz". Monday-Thursday we had really late rehersals.. we stayed at school until midnight!! Sadly, on one of the nights one of our tech crew members got a shelf on her head and ended up getting a concussion.. it was a stressful experience, for sure.Tech week in general is very intense, because everyone gets mad at one another. At least we brought in food every day!
I played the Tin man. Claire played Dorothy, Olivia played the Lion and Jia played Scarecrow. Learning my lines was a long difficult process, but the hardest of all was the singing.. I had to sing very high notes and I stumbled a little - but who will remember that in 10 years?
We performed on Friday 7.30, Saturday 7.30 and Sunday at 2.30. The first night we had a lot of difficulties - stage props was missing, music in parts it was not supposed to be.. but Saturday was great. The only problem was that my microphone fell off, which made dancing a little harder than I would like. 
After the performance on Saturday we went to eat at Steak N' Shake. We sat next to a group of menonites who performed at a local church, so we ended up in some sort of a singing battle by singingback and forth to one another! It was so fun.
On Sunday, we had to stay after the performance to strike the set and clean up after us. It was an exhausting process. Once it was done, we went to Claire's house for an after party. Ryan and  brought ramen which everyone ate. We also watched "Wizards of Oz" - this time singing along and sharing our lines, as the night came to an end.
Drama club has been such a great experience for me. I am so glad I joined, even though at times it has been very stressful and exhausting. It was really cool to get the oppurtunity to play a lead!


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