The Curious Savage - my first high school play

This week was "Tech week" - the week of the play, meaning that we had rehearsals every night, running through the entire script over and over again until late hours. I must tell the truth - at the beginning of the week, 5 days before the show, I did not know my lines. I knew the first scene, but our play - "The Curious Savage" consisted of 3 acts. Our directors were not happy. Everyone was stressed and people got mad at one another.. And through out al of this, I had to keep up with my school work. 
I actually ended up receiving an award  from one of my teachers for "going the extra mile when my class mates made it seem impossible" this week. That was a bit of encouragement!
The play is a comedy called "The Curious Savage" and it is about a woman whose husband dies, leaving her with the 10 million dollar estate. Her step children finds her using the money for foolish causes. In an attempt to get the money back, they take her to an institution claiming that she is insane. I played the doctor. 
Friday December 2
Show time! At school, there was a fundraiser - pay $1 and get to wear a pajamas! Of course I did not miss the opportunity - but I completely forgot to bring another set of clothes, and me and Ryan stayed at school all the way until the show started, and after the play everyone in the drama club went to Steak and Shake - and I had to wear Ryan's batik pants and a T-shirt.. that or a reindeer onepiece..
The drama crew met at 5.30 pm to get ready for the show. I put on make-up and organized my prop as well as made a poster for the cast. Shortly before the show the casts and crew met inside the choir room for a pep talk by our directors. I could feel my nerves - after all it was my first high school play. I have been in plays before, but never spoken in english in them, and neither have I had so many lines! But you know what? We suprised ourselves. The play ended up being really good. Some people forgot their lines, but others, including me, picked up the dialogue and kept it going. I was happy to see my friends and family watched my debut. After the show, the crew went to Stake N´ Shake and had a delicious dinner.
Saturday December 3
Our second show was on Saturday.. It did not go as well. It was not bad, but we ended up skipping a section of lines (a very funny joke). I also forgot a line, and my nerves made me laugh out loud before picking it back up. 
After the show we went and ate at Pizza Hut. They had some really good pasta! Yum.
Linnea's Yearbook Pics foto.Linnea's Yearbook Pics foto.
Linnea's Yearbook Pics foto.'
Linnea's Yearbook Pics foto.Linnea's Yearbook Pics foto.
Linnea's Yearbook Pics foto.Linnea's Yearbook Pics foto.
Linnea's Yearbook Pics foto.


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