Christmas Party & Secret Santa

On December 9th, it was my friend Ally’s birthday - so she wanted to spend the day with her friends, but without getting too much attention. Therefor she invited me, Ryan and some of our other friends to a Christmas party! We played secret Santa, meaning that each of us got a person to buy a gift for. We filled out a form about ourselves so that the person could find us the perfect gift. I got my friend Brianna’s boyfriend.. His name is Zach. It was probably the hardest person I could have gotten, but I did not mind. I was just going to buy him white Nike socks as he suggested that he liked.. Or not. Apparently they do not sell Nike at Target. So with the help of Megan and her sister, I bought him a Captain America mug and baked peanut butter cookies. At the party we played games (Pie in the face, Telestrations, Cards Against Humanity), drank hot chocolate (they had made the cutest little station), danced to music and ate snacks. Steven, Ally’s boyfriend, was my secret Santa. He got me a Harry Potter wallet and a snitch necklace clock. I was so happy! Ryan got a blanket from Jia.. He started crying from happiness! It was so cute - a memory I will keep with me for a long time. After all it was his first Christmas gift ever. The first gift Ryan ever gave to someone was to Claire - a robot law and a mini elephant. Strange gift, but it was funny. Girls stayed the night. For breakfast we had donuts.



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