Trip to Chicago

April 3

Monday through Wednesday on spring break, I went together with my exchange student group to Chicago, Illinois! The city is about 3 hours away from Fort Wayne. I woke up around 4.00 a.m. and drove up to South bend airport, where we took a train to the Windy City. It was a long trip there, and once we arrived we went to our hostel - "Hi Chicago". It was such a nice and modern hostel. We had a living room, a kitchen and 4 bedrooms. Would definitely recommend! On this day we went to go out Chicago style pizza, it is deep dish and looks like a pie. We walked a lot this day, until later in the day when it started raining and we decided to buy a bus pass. We also went to Navy Pier and checked out the place. Felix, Yerkin, Hakim and I took a walk around the pier and took pictures. We also played in the garden. For dinner we ate a version of Mediterranean chipotle.

The exchange students that went on the trip was Linnea from Sweden (me), Ryandhani from Indonesia (my double placement), Asjad from Pakistan, Hakim from the Philippines, Nino from the republic of Georgia, Amini from Tunisia, Yerkin from Kazakstan and Felix from Schwitzerland.

April 4
We woke up early to eat breakfast. The dining hall had a beautiful view of the metro. It was cold and raining a lot. We went on a architecture boat tour in the middle of the city. We saw very pretty views but I mostly stayed in the bar because of the weather. We also got to see the bean, which is something I have always wanted to do! We took so many pictures. We walked around the city and went to a shopping mall. Most of the stores sold clothes way out of my budget though. At night in the hotel we played the Jelly Bean Challenge. Poor Ryan ended up puking and crying.

April 5
Spent the day at the Chicago Field Museum. I was exhausted and did not feel like looking at the exhibits.. I really wish I was more interested. I prefer more interactive learning where I get to physical do something, not just watch, look, read and listen. Hakim, Yerkin, Asjad and I ended up spending a lot of time chilling in dark, empty exhibit.



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