Tennis or drama?

February 21
Today was the first day of tennis conditioning that took place after school. Conditioning is basically practice, however it is not guaranteed that you will make the team because after conditioning comes try outs. Weird thing was, the coach never showed up. When I came home, I helped Ryan and Kaitlyn make bath bombs. We made a mistake though, packing the bath bombs so tight that we could not get them out of the molds.. so we put them in the oven. And they rose because of the baking soda. After that, we headed to our first drama practice. I got several smaller parts, like a tree, a guard, a poppy, a snowflake.. so that I could play tennis at the same time. I am also the understudy of Glinda and Tin man. Claire got Dorothy.
February 22
After school I went with Ally and Ryan to Dollar Tree. We looked for decorations for our school dance dinner. More about that in a later post. I also had drama practice.
February 23
Tennis conditioning again. Finally met the coach. He let the seniors in charge of warm up and then we played. I am not a natural, not even close. We had drama practice and the director decided that Hunter, who was cast as Tin man, could not sing well enough. That meant that I, as an understudy would have to take over his part. I was not sure if I should be excited or not. Doing tennis at the same time would not really work out. 
I went to a few more tennis practices but I realized that playing the Tin man is a huge honor, and that is what I want to do. 
February 24
Sue came back after a wonderful trip to Italy.


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