On Saturday February 25th, New Haven High School hosted its semi formal. It is basically like what we in Sweden consider a "school disco" but with fancier attire. For underclass men, this is like a less fancy prom. Along with my friends Claire, Jia, Joyner, Juwana, Ryan, Joanna, Zach, Steven, Abbey and Ally, I had a dinner before the dance. We all brought something to share to Ally's grandmothers house. We had set the table really nice and Ally's uncle took pictures of us, which turned out so nicely! I got ready at Ally's house and Ryan took a nap. It was hilarious to see him lay in his fancy clothes on Ally's guest bed.. We had to check to make sure his pulse was still going. He actually fell asleep in the middle of s conversation with Steven

We drove to the dance which took place in our school's cafeteria. I had helped to set up because I am in student council. The theme of the dance was Valentine's Day. We played music and danced and room pictures in the photo booth that we had built. I did no go with a date but I had such a great time because I decided to let loose and dance the night away without concern of people's opinions. After the dance I stayed the night at Ally's.

I bought my dress from Goodwill (a thrift shop) for only $2.25. That is about 25 kronor, for the record.



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