Ryan's 18th birthday

April 10
Ryan's 18th birthday! I could tell right away that he had changed, for he woke up at 6.00 in the morning to prove that he was now an adult. I sang the Swedish and Indonesian birthday song for him in the morning, and then we went to school.

In school, Ryan promposed to his friend Kaitlyn Brown. He did it during her lunch when 1/3 of the school was watching him! I was really impressed. Ryan called Kaitlyn and asked her a bunch of random questions like "how are you?", "have you practiced your lines for the musical?", "can you give me and Linnea a ride to drama club?". As this was happening, me along with 3 other friends walked up to where Kaitlyn was sitting with 4 letters - P R O M. Ryan appeared behind Kaitlyn with a question mark attached to his shirt, saying "One last question - will you go to prom with me?". She said yes! Everyone that witnessed the promposal started applauding and whistling.

At 6.00 p.m, Sue drove Ryan and I to have dinner. I had arranged a surprise dinner for Ryan with 15 of his friends at IHOP. Ryan however, thought that we were going to eat Panda Express with Megan. Problem is - Sue dropped us off at the wrong IHOP. I panicked and called Sue without answer.. Ryan was so confused and I told him that I had given Mean the wrong address. Ryan calls Megan who arrives to pick us up, saying that she had already ordered at the other IHOP when she was waiting for us. So we got into her car and drove off to the right IHOP. When we came there, the staff asked if we were with a party. Megan just ran passed her and led us to the back of the restaurant where Ryan's friends were sitting. They gave him a bunch of gifts and Ryan was so happily surprised. Ryan and I ate red velvet pancakes and chicken with waffles. He could not stop smiling and it made me so happy.





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