Linnea + donut + ice cream = true

March 6
Tried shamrock shake from MC Donald's for the first time! It is a mint/chocolate milkshake that they sell during Saint Patrick's day. And it is delicious.

March 7
Went to a college fair during school today. I am still thinking about what I want to do after I graduate from high school. But then again, I have two years left so it is not like I have to decide right now. College in America would be such a cool opportunity but it is also so expensive..

March 8
Kaitlyn, Ryan and I cooked together before drama club. This time we had pasta Alfredo.

March 11
Woke up really early to work concessions at a track meet at IPFW. After that I watch some of the indoor track meet and met Zechariah. Today was his 18th birthday. Amanda picked up Ryan and I and we went to the mall and looked for prom dresses.. found nothing. It sucks having a body type that is small, medium and large at different spots. I just want to find something form fitting! After the shopping we went to Yummy Bunni - the new "it-place". The line is always out to the door. Their concept is selling ice cream in between a donut bun. It is brilliant. Perhaps a little overrated.

March 12
Went to eat ice cream with Brock and Brooke - remember the people I met on the Campus Life dating game? We had a really fun time together. I also went to momentum the youth group with Ally.



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