Last Week's Football Game & Fundraiser

Went to see the New Haven girls play volleyball. Student section wore white. We did not win but it was a close shot!
Tried Dairy Queen for the first time with Brianna! Ordered a chocolate blizzard with salted caramel. YUM!
9/9 School today started 2 hours later than normally. So I got 2 hours of extra sleep, which somehow did not feel like enough.. However, today we got to wear hats in school if we paid a dollar. I borrowed a Colts cap from my host dad. The air force came to school and I took a picture with one of the pilots.
After school, Bianca came over to my house and we prepared for the football game and fundraiser that would take place. We put on temporary tattoos - dog paws! 
Bianca was going to do face painting for the fundraiser. New Haven High School raised money to help a staff member batteling stage 4 kidney cancer through face painting, balloon making, an auction, and food selling. Just look at my cute dog paws!! I also tried a pork burger for the first time.
Our student section was lit this night! So many students, we were all so pumped, and we wore orange in support of Peggy Summers. We jammed to Miley Cyrus's "party in the USA", did the "roller coaster" and yelled chants. I can not put the feeling into words. I also got to talk to new people at the game and that was exciting. We played against Leo who were supposed to be our greatest rivals, but we beat them!
Went with Taylor and Alicia, my host cousins, and my host Brother Ethan, to Grabell Days - a fair with a lot of food in the middle of an Amish community. Really cool to see Amish people for the first time (not that they by any means are objects made to look at). We came during an awkward time - after lunch and before dinner, so we were not hungry enough to eat anything.
As usual I went to church. Afterwards, my host family and I went around Fort Wayne as tourists. We went to the history museum, the Court house, the Embassy (old theathre), the Tincaps stadium and the Library. We ate pizza from Pint and Slice, it was amazing. I also got to meet a Swedish exchange student I have talked to online at Momentum.


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