Homecoming Day #3 Family Day

Wednesday September 28th was family day. This was a chance for the students to be creative - you could really dress up however you wanted to, as long as you did it with someone else. Austin, Abbey, Claire and I were supposed to go as a goth family, but Austin and Abbey decided not to go to school (a lot of seniors saw an oppurtunity to skip school because of yesterday's bomb threat). Claire and I still went as goth, but we only have one class in common so during this school day, most people were wondering what in the world I was up to. Well, I had been in New Haven for almost two months.. finally time to show my true self.
In the evening, we were supposed to have a powderpuff game - that is, girls get to play American football while the boys cheer. I signed up for it and I was really excited.. not that I knew too much about the game itself. But, because of rain and thunder, the game got canceled. Instead, we got to play tug of war on Friday. Totally not the same thing. I even payed for a powderpuff T-shirt and teeth protector.. And if you know me you know that I am very caring of money. 


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