Week 41

Tuesday Oct 11th
From now on I will attend a small group lunch every Tuesday. It is a chance for girls to talk about life together in a more relaxing atmosphere. It is called "Real Talk".
At 6.00, it was time for play auditions. All week I had told myself to pick up the play and read it, but it never actually happened. I wanted a part so bad, but I was far from prepared. One of my friends had even printed the script! Coming in to auditions it was pretty relaxing - all you had to do was read the lines of characters, and the play directors would later send out a cast list with the part they thought you should have. Only one problem though - there is only 11 characters in "The Curious Savage", 6 female and 5 male. At auditions there was 12 girls and 5 boys.. so I felt like I did not have a chance. Not sure what to write about the process, but I can tell you that I read A LOT. As soon as I got the opportunity I tried all the different characters. We basically just read the script in a group, in front of the directors and other students. The hard part was to use the right tone for your character.. After the audition I did not feel confident. So many natural talents were in the room, and my friends told me that my accent had appeared a lot during the night, which I was not happy with.
Coming home, I was met with seeing Millie, my local coordinator. She wanted us to fill out some papers regarding a trip I wanted to go in November. More information on that later.
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Wednesday October 12th
After school, Ryan and I decided to take a walk to the store. I bought some gum and he bought ramen noodles. We also walked to a park nearby and played. It was a lot of fun. Ryan ended up getting hungry so we also walked to KFC so he could buy fried chicken. It is true that walking in America can be a struggle (most people certainly does not do it), but it is possible to get around the neighborhood and to downtown New Haven (where the library is).
I also got a call during dinner, it was play director Mr. Geist. After saying hello he asked me how much of a Swedish accent I had, and I got really nervous and saw that as if I did not get a part.. but I was wrong! Turns out my accent makes me sound smart and sofisticated. I will play Dr. Emmet in this year's production of "Curious Savage"! 
My friend Kayla came and picked me up that evening, and we ended up going to her youth group! It is at a different church than the one I normally attend. I met a lot of nice people and just had a good time. We played "Marco Polo" in the gym and listened to the adult leaders answering questions from the students.
Thursday October 13th
The school announced the cast of the play during announcements. The principal did not say my name correctly but I was still really excited. I bowed in class. LOL!
Friday October 14th
We finally got a well deserved fall break of two days. Woke up around 8.30 and got ready for the day. Amanda and her children Landon and Carter came to pick up Ryan and I. We went out to eat donuts and to borrow books in the main library of Fort Wayne. I love that place! Afterwards, Adrianna, Sue, Ryan and I went to an apple orchard to pick apples and pumpkins. We drove our car around the trees, it was really funny. The apples tasted really good too. When we came home, my friend Abbey (the shortest girl in school) came over to our house and ate pizza. She also did my makeup. We went to an Asian market and to Plato's closet, where they sell fashionable second hand clothes. She dropped me off at Andrew and Amanda's, where we played board games. My favorite game was Telestrations.
Saturday October 15th
Happy birthday Johanna! Woke up early that morning to pick up Ryan's friend (and previous double placement) and go hiking in Pokagon, a really beautiful state park. It was a nice road trip down there, and Ryan fell asleep. We got home and I learned the boys play "dam" and "skitgubbe" - two Swedish card games. Then my friends Hannah, Lauren and Kylie came to pick me up. We went to Panda Express and had dinner. It was bomb! After that we went to celebrate Fright Night - a Halloween night with tons of activities in Fort Wayne. Sadly we missed the zombie walk, but we went on a bus ride and learned about scary historical events in our area. Once the bus ride was over, we went to go shopping at Jefferson Pointe, an outdoor mall.
Sunday October 16th
After church, we went over to grandma and grandpa Heckley's house. I got to talk to Mckenzie for the first time. My little cousin and I both love Scooby Doo, so hopefully we can watch that together sometime. We ate food and a lot of dessert to celebrate 3 birthdays of the family. One of the cake had a really cool singing candle. I went to Momentum later that day.


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