Election Day!

November 7th
Kladdkakan's day! Or "Swedish Mudcake Day"- to make it easier. Of course I had to make some!

November 8th
Election Day! Started the day with being interviewed by my mom and her 4th grade class in the morning. Then I went to school, acting as if it was any other day - but I must admit, I was nervous. Indiana is a republican state and the only political signs a I have come across are from republicans (mostly Trump/Pence signs outside people's properties), with the exception of a Bernie car sticker. Have a lot of senior friends and some of them are 18 - meaning that they can vote. I know people who voted for Hillary, another student who voted for Trump and some who didn't vote at all (which is quite upsetting). Sucks a little that there is no way of me affecting the choice. But I was so confident that Hillary Clinton would be the next president. It was not until the next morning (set my alarm to really early just to check the result) it was a fact that America had chosen Donald Trump to be the face of the nation. I was a little upset that day. My organization sent me an email to reassure all students that no one could make our J1 visas invalid. So well - a big difference between Sweden and America is the political views. I am just used to something very different.

Play practice
Throughout all of this week, and every week at this time, I worked on the school play - "The Curious Savage". We had practices 3 times a week, from 6.30-8.00 p.m.

November 11th
I am a part of an organization called "SADD - Students Against Destructive Decisios", and today we had a white out at school - meaning that the students should dress in white for lung cancer awareness. During study hall I walked around and counted how many people in each class was wearing white, and the winning class got donuts. In one class, only one person was not wearing white! Shoutout to Mrs. Rouse's class in A214!

After school, Ryan and I put on a lot of clothes and drove by Subway and Dairy Queen for dinner. Today was the day of our big football game - 3 more games and we would go to state and compete in Indianapolis. The game was against Northwood, which is a school located 1,5 hours away. The school put together a fan bus, so that all students could ride together. We sang songs together, ate chips and played telephone on the ride. I had a Subway sandwich (it is crazy that the honey oat bread is no longer an option?). The game was intense, and it was so cold! I was wearing a think top, long-sleeved shirt, a jacket and a coat. Leggings underneath my jeans, mittens, a beanie and two pairs of socks. Sadly, we lost. "New Haven High School Varsity Football falls to NorthWood High School 52-28". It was really hard to see all the boys on the team cry, especially the seniors. It just hit me that it was my last high school football game. This marked the end of the season. So I went home (easier said than done, it took 1,5 hours) and I slept.


November 12th

Hung out with Claire. We cleaned her room to prepare for her show choir party. Claire took me to CVS where I printed some pictures of memories I have had with Sue.

I went home, ate dinner and changed, for Megan came to pick up Ryan and I, as well as the other two exchange students at New Haven - Joyner and Juwanna. We drove to an outdoor mall - Jefferson Pointe. Firstly we looked in some stores, and then we saw the annual Christmas tree light up ceremony! It was really cozy and I totally got the Christmas vibes. After that, we went to eat at Steak N' Shake, then we roomed around Walmart. Ryan bought some McDonalds. Overall it was a great time spent with friends. It is funny how we all speak different languages and are from such different cultures - yet at that very moment, we were all united. Oh and I will never forget how we fooled Ryan that Megan was engaged!

Ryan found an Indiana mug that was made in Indonesia! (he is from Indonesia)
Juwana Mohameds foto.Juwana Mohameds foto.

November 13th
Sue's birthday! I made a garland with pictures of memories we have had together. Then Ryan brought out a table cloth from Indonesia, so we set the table really nicely. I baked some Swedish mud cake with his help. It was delicious! After church, we helped Todd make tacos. And then we just stayed home and had a good time!




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