Second and third day of school

Hi guys! My blog will go a little quiet on the weekdays.. I have so much homework (about how much homework I would get weekly I now have daily). We usually have a day to finish our work.. I just want to catch up with my readers with some quick subjects:
Pledge of allegiance
Every mornings starts with the pledge of allegiance, which means that we praise the American flag by standing up and giving a minute of silence.
Switched my math class
I got so much anxiety after the math class my first day, so I switched to algebra 2, which is way easier! And fun! I enjoy math when I understand it. My teacher speaks really fast and he is really friendly. Sometimes in the middle of class he will ask us if we have seen the new Ghostbuster movie, or something like that.
Working with the yearbook
I will from now on start working with the yearbook. I will write articles about an event taking place tomorrow - back to school night! I feel very excited.
My assignment as an intern
Yesterday, my second day, I was asked to help a new student find his locker. And even though it was my second day, I found it! And I feel pretty successful about it.
Pre tests
In American History and Government we took pre tests.. we were not graded on them but we got extra credit point. If you got all the questions right, mr. Bischoff would give us an autographed picture of him.. one kid did it! That was obviously not me, since I lack some skills in American history and government.. if it could only be about Sweden! I had 28% on one test and 44% on the other. For being an exchange students who has lived in the country for just a week that might be impressive.. right?! Okay, sorry if I did not know that it was not Benjamin Franklin who was the commander of the American troops during the Revolutionary War.. Or that it was not in fact Julius Caesar who was defeated and changed the balance of power in Europe, nor was Sitting Bull having his last stand at the Little Bigh Horn in 1876.. But well, at least I took a guess! For your information, I did know that gold was discovered in California in 1849, that Geogre Washington was the first American president, that there are 3 branches of the government and even some more..
"Do you have MC Donalds in Sweden?"
A very frequent asked question. Although everyone freaks out when I let them know that I have never tried Dairy Queen, Olive Garden or Taco Bell..
Random pictures from school:
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