Pool day

Got to sleep in today, and that was nice. School starts tomorrow. I am pretty nervous.. I am just so bad at engaging conversation and making new friends. And the first day also means my first impression.. so what to wear, how to act.. it all matters. 
In the morning my host mom and I started with filling out all my papers, because it is important that I bring those tomorrow. I do not want to risk any complications. Around 11 o'clock we went over to Bianca's house to pick her up, and then we drove over to Sue's sister's house - Diane. Her family has a pool, a hot tub, a porch swing, a basketball hoop and nice seating. First we ate lunch - which was salad. I tried some berry water but I did not like it.. Lizzie and Blake came over, who I met yesterday. Since they had tried some Swedish chocolate they wanted to bring some American candies for me to try. I loved the Sour patch kids, did not like hot tamales that much (it is a chewy candy flavored like cinnamon. Kinda weird), and I do not remember the name of the rest. They did bring a huge jar with jelly beans with all different flavors.. thankfully I did not get any disgusting ones. We played a game where we guessed what flavor they were, and thankfully Blake was the one eating them so I did not have to..in case some bad ones appeared..
Bianca, Molly (the daughter of Diane), Lizzie, Blake and I swam in the pool for a long time - way past the "my-fingers-are-now-raisins-stage". We played a game I believed was called Marco Polo? When they asked me if I knew what it was I was like "who is he?".. kind of funny. Basically it is like hide and seek but you have to close your eyes. The person trying to catch the others will say "Marco" and if you are hiding you have to respond "Polo". We also just swam around and layed on inflatable toys. Blake, Lizzie and I spent some time in the hot tub even though it was really hot outside. We had a good time, for sure! And the weather was very fitting for the occasion.
When I came back home again I was so tired.. I do not know if it is the jet lag or what is messing with me. I have eaten so much sugar on the daily basis so should that not keep me awake? However, I did take a shower and prepared for tomorrow - the big day. I am not very excited for school at the moment.. even though one of the reasons I came here was to experience the American school spirit. I have really liked my layed back days that I have been having this week..

Postat av: Syster Johanna

Lycka till i skolan! Det fixar du jättebra, du är ju grym på engelska och du har ju fått massor av vänner ifrån New York. Uppdatera bloggen om skolan sen, kram

Svar: Tack! ♥

2016-08-09 @ 07:29:06
Postat av: Jackie

Lycka till i skolan!! Kommer nog gå asbra!! 😘

Svar: Tack! ♥

2016-08-09 @ 10:22:09
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