Drama Banquet & Tobias' going away party

On Thursday May 25th we had our drama banquet at Zianos, an Italian restaurant. We ate food, played charades, accepted awards (thank you so much for my medal!) and did a bunch of funny games. Being a part of the drama club has been a journey - at times incredibly frustrating, but I have made so many friends. I am not going to lie, I cried at our dinner. All the seniors had a speech, and Olivia was sharing about how she was so thankful that school offered a club for her, that she had found something she was good at, while struggling with academics and not being very athletic. It hit me right in the heart. I will miss the drama club and I can not wait to see what you put together next year!
On Friday May 26th, I went to the mall with Megan and Ciera. Had the pleasure to bump into Zechariah and we took a selfie. Ryan bought handbags for $200.. After that I went to Tobias goodbye party. He was an exchange student from Germany that also went with STS. His family had flown in from Germany and it was so fun to meet them, and know that it was my turn in just a week. Ryan and I had spent a lot of time with Tobias, his host sister and his host mom. I really hope our paths will cross again.


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