Week 38

I am sorry for not posting in forever. To be honest, I have procrastinated a lot. But I have been busy too! So for the case of simplicity, I will summarize September 19th-September 25th in one post.
Sep 19
Today I joined student council. Since I am not playing a sport at the moment, I really wanted to join a club. Student council meetings take place every Tueday at 7.15 (I do get less sleep than I would prefer). From 7.00-8.00 I went to the pre-campus life kick off. Campus life is a club run by the organization "Youth for Christ". Every Monday at 07.00-8.30, a bunch of people from school go over to Zach and Savannah's house, two of the leaders of Campus Life. This day we had a bonfire and played games in their backyard. 
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Sep 21
Today after school, I went to see the choir performe. My friend Claire is in it (actually she was the best vocalist at New Haven last year), and she sang Let It Go by James Bay. It was really entertaining to see the show choir perform. After that, Claire and I went to Dairy Queen (their ice-cream is the bomb), and we actually ran into Brianna and Ally!
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Sep 22
Went to a tennis match and a JV volleyball game. My mom dyed her hair blue!
Sep 23
I was planning on hanging out with my friend Hannah, but she had to take care of her mother. Sue was gone late working for a wedding. So I just listened to music all night. We hosted woman from England who was having a conference at church.
Sep 24
Got up really early and went with Ally to my first Cross Country meet! Our friend Brianna is a runner. I took some great pictures of the team. Afterwards Austin called me and asked if I wanted to hang out with him and Abbey (a senior girl that I have two classes with). We were going to buy clothes for spirit week. Claire ended up coming too, and the four of us went to the mall and goodwill. I found a bridesmaids dress for $2.25!! Claire found a great Hannah Montana outfit for spirit week. After shopping, we went over to Claire's house and played Cards Against Humanity. Gotta love that game!
Sep 25
Before church, I interviews a man for a government assignment. There were barely any teenagers at church this day.. Sadly. From 2.00-5.00 I went over to the high school to decorate for homecoming. The entire process was very unorganized, which frustrated me a little bit. Basically we ended up jumping and sticking balloons on the ceiling. We also hung some streamers from the ceiling and painted some posters. "Paws out 4 Harambre". 


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