The evening of homecoming

September 30


The school held a small parade after school. Every grade had their own float, and the people on homecoming court were riding in convertables. 


Tailgate and Dairy Queen

After the parade, you could buy food at school. Although my friends Lauren, Hannah, Kylie, Ryan and I went to Dairy Queen instead.


Car smash

Students were able to let their anger out before the homecoming game by participating in the SADD smash-a-car event. SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) is a student led group that does monthly activities around the school to promote making good life decisions. The smash-a-car fundraiser was a huge success and SADD was able to earn a large amount of money to put towards their monthly activities in the school and community.


Homecoming game

1...2...3.. and so we all threw baby powder and confetti in the air. Confetti which I, a week later, still am trying to clean of my body. When I look back on my years of high school - this is what I will remember. The moment when we all stood and jumped up and down on the bleachers and screamed our lunges out, leaving me with a slight fear the ground would bend beneath us. This is what it is like to be a bulldog - we are fighters, we are champions. We are united.

This year's prom king and queen (selected between the seniors) were Lexi Bolinger and Whitney Harris.



When the game was over, the students walked into the gym, where Campus Life had built a clubbe - a club in a bubble. It was built using plastic wrap and tape, creating a cupole.

The night was spent dancing, smashing flour, water and diapers with a baseball bat, eating bananas without the use of our hands and competing against the other grades through different tasks like whoever takes of their shoe laces the fastest and placing your sock in someone else's mouth. The only down side of the clubbe was that with so many students in such a close space, the temperature got really high, and the smell quite stinky..


And the day after I had to be at church 6.15.. So I just took a well needed shower and went to bed.





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