Zorbing, Halloween and Choir Concert

Monday 10/24
Today I had play practice but Ryan participated in a fundraiser for Campus Life (a Christian youth organization) by knocking on doors and having people donate money to pour food on him and his friends. People cracked eggs, squired mustard and threw flour. Wish I could have participated!


Tuesday 10/25
I was not called in for play practice today so I went to a Campus Life rally. Basically it was a huge event to earn money for the organization. The band "Linkin' Bridge" performed and speaker Bob Goff talked. We also got to eat really your and luxurious desserts! It was a fun time spent with Sue and Amanda.


Wednesday 10/26
Today was a really good day. After school, Sue and I went to a show choir performance and dinner. Ryan is in choir so he was performing. The dinner was held in the auditorium/cafeteria, where the performance would later take place. First we had a salad with dressing and croutons, and then we got pasta with tomato sauce and pepperoni. The dessert was a chocolate cake. We sat next to my friend and her sister and kept a nice conversation. Sue did not want her dessert so I gave it away to someone I had never even met. I was so proud of Ryan, and not to mention Claire! She is incredible. The entire concert is on YouTube:

When the performance was over, Sue brought Ryan and I over to Myers so I could buy shoes. I found a nice pair of black boots. We stayed for a long time, looking at lunches and slippers.. I really do not know what made the night so fun but we ended up laughing a lot and we came home past 10.00 p.m.


Friday 10/28
After school, Sarah - the girl who used to love in our house when I first came here, came over and we watched a movie that we have anticipated for long - "Another Cinderella Story - If the Shoe Fits". We had a really nice girl time and it was fun to catch up with her. We had pizza afterwards so I guess you could say it was a really cheesy time! Claire came over for dinner and after that Claire, Zechariah and I went to a secondhand store to find Halloween costumes. I bought Zechariah a pair of broken sunglasses for a penny that he later sat on and broke even more.. Oops. After that we went to a haunted house! Or actually - two of them! We went to a place called the Black Forest and a Haunted Castle. It was so much fun. The Haunted Castle was not just walking around and looking at scary stuff - there was a lot of slides! One of them involved laying in a casket. Claire and I laid in their together and the staff closed the lid.. I was so confused as what was to happen. Then the bottom of the casket broke and we went down a slide! What was so funny is that Zechariah had to squeeze in the casket with a stranger.. And it was kind of small. Just the thought of it cracked me up. I was also surprised that clowns were allowed. After the clown hysteria I did not expect it.



Saturday 10/29
After a talk with my family (we video chat through Facebook about every other week) Ryan and I biked to the library. I love that place.. There are so many books that I want to read but somehow I do not make the time for it. As we were biking back home, we stopped by our first garage sale! There was an old lady who sold almost all of her stuff for under $1. I felt like buying something would make her happy, so I found some Christmas bows and white mittens. Ryan found a hat that looked a lot like his hair before he got a hair cut! When he put it on it looked like it could be his actual hair!

We went to two parties in the evening. One of them was a Halloween party so I put on a masquerade mask and a cape. I actually met my teacher there. The party was great - mostly because they had a lot food - there was a soup and dessert contest! We also went trick or treating in the woods, and I got so much candy from the adults! I mean, technically I am still a kid, so it is totally acceptable by society.. Right?

The other party was with Sue's family, and I got to meet another exchange student there. She was so sweet and I hope to spend more time with her. We sat by a giant bonfire. It was a good night!

"Nudist in strike".. xD

Sunday 10/30
To celebrate Halloween, Ryan, Ethan, Adrianna and I carved pumpkins after church. Mine was a bat and a moon, Ryan made a skeleton, Adrianna made a cat and Ethan made a face. He used an engraver for a nice hair effect. It was supposed to be a competition but we all ended up getting first place in different categories. My price was sour gummy worms. We listened to some great Halloween music and roasted the pumpkin seeds. Momentum that night went zorbing - which turned out to be really exhausting and hard. Not sure how I feel about it to be honest! We also played 2 games - center left right and a dice game where you had to be the first person to write numbers 1-100 on a paper. There was only one pen. But, at the same time, the others players rolled a dice, and whoever rolled a 5 grabbed the pen and started writing. Brianna ended up winning the second round but I grabbed her paper and discovered that she wrote 01 instead of 10, which I consider invalid. We ended up having a catfight, rolling on the floor, trying to grab her paper. I think she got the prize..



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