Zoo, pizza party and Swedish candy

I started the day with getting up pretty early. At 8.45 Amanda, Landon and Carter came over and we drove to Fort Wayne Childrens Zoo! They had so many exotic animals.. my favorite was the giraffes.. because they are tall and so am I. We have an understanding! Landon loves to run around and touch everything. It is really cute. We also met up with some other friends. A nice activity for us girls! Down below is a picture of me and one of the giraffes, as well as Landon on a pony.
On the way home we stopped by Starbucks and I tried a vanilla bean caramel frappuccino. I liked it! Tasted like a milkshake.
When I got home I rested and read some Harry Potter. I also wrote some letters which I hope to send soon. One of my host brothers, Cameron, has a dog named Amelia. She stayed with us today. I think she is an Australian shepherd/husky? However, she was sick for company and jumped all over me! I am not very used to dogs, I have always been a cat person.. but now I am starting to like them!
We had pizza for dinner - the biggest one I have ever seen! A lot of people came over, including all of my host brothers. So I gave them the gifts I had brought from Sweden. Just some napkins, a key chain and some chocolate. Landon got a Swedish hoodie. It is too big but hey, kids usually grow.. right? At first he was super excited but after zipping it up he wanted to take it off! And obviously Carter, who is a baby, had no idea what was going on.. but I gave him a Swedish T-shirt! Landon and I played a lot. In the sand box, with a plastic train, then with a nerf gun and also with wooden blocks. One day.. in like 10 years.. I want to be a mom. 
After the pizza I had them all try Swedish candy! I obviously recorded it! Actually they did not find salt liquorice as bad as I thought they would. So I had to bring down the Turkish peber my friends gave me.. I do not think anyone was able to finish it? Well I was not suprised because I do not like them myself. They did enjoy the Marabou mjökchoklad (very smooth milk chocolate), Bilar (small cars) and Daim (crunchy milk chocolate with almond and caramel). 
I heard my sister Agnes is sick.. I miss her and I wish I could take care of her. My mom and my sister are in Greece now.. If you read this I hope you have a great vacation! Make sure to get some rest before school starts. 

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Gott med pizza :D

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