A good day

Hello y'all!
It is currenty 9.30 pm and I just got ready for bed. Today was a good day. I got to rest, chill with the dog, waste time on social media and read "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child". I had pizza for lunch and mexican food for dinner (sort of like tacos if you are from Sweden). For breakfast I had a bagel and fruit. Yum! Bagels with cream cheese will most likely be my new favorite thing.
During the evening Andrew (host brother), Amanda (his wife), their children and Caleb (host brother) came over. I played with the kids, talked to everyone.. Tried to share a lot about Sweden. Everyone knows about IKEA, Spotify and H&M but it is not very known that they are Swedish. 
Tried to go through all of the papers I got from school.. So many papers to sign and I have to get a physical done if I want to play sports. I started it but I am far from finished.
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